Background of the organization:                
A group of social workers under the leadership of Mr. Kazi Md. Abul Kalam Azad (a long experience & professional development activist) has been started AWARD for development initiatives in Sylhet in the year 1997. Because still the region belongs to relatively under served, local development initiatives are not enough and potential, Government services are available in the urban/ Sammy urban or well communicated areas but not in remotes. The fundamentalist are playing a dominant role in the society where high population growth, high mortality and morbidity of pregnant mother & infant, high dropout in the primary education, poor reproductive health facilities,
Women are deprived from their rights; public resources are under the control of the rich peoples, but the region Sylhet is well known for its public resources like kash land and natural fisheries (haor/baor) tea garden, gas & oil etc.

Objective of the organization:
To promote the socio-economic status of under privileged rural peoples, Human resource Development, Education, Health & Nutrition, Environment, Social justice, networking development. The specific objectives of the organization are as follows:
– Grass root organization development.
– Public resources mobilization.
– Awareness and skill development of rural peoples.
– Create employment opportunities.
– Intensive work with mothers & children for their rights and socio-economic development.
– Removal and antiquation of adult illiteracy.
– Develop awareness on safe water & sanitation.
– Promote awareness on environmental issues.
– Promote reproductive health services.
– Empowerment of women and.-Cultural development.

AWARD as an organization uphold a leading position, which can contribute in the process of development to establishment an exploitation free society, where justice, dignity and prosperity prevailed.

AWARD is committed to organize grass root poor people’s organization in connection with to empower people and communities. Our interventions aim to achieve positive changes through economic, social, and right base activities that enable to establishment an exploitation free society.

Goal: To create a poverty free society.

Objectives: To ensure rights of women, men and children and create enable environment to enjoy all rights equality.

  • Gender
  • Poverty
  • Rights and Good Governance
  • Education
  • Livelihood development
  • Child Rights and Childhood development
  • Social & Cultural
  • Disable & handicapped people
  • Ecological


Legal Status of Award:


Registration Number’s


Social Service No: SYL- 530/98, 06-05-1998
NGO Affairs Bureau No:1590 29-11-2000
Microcredit Regulatory Authority License no : 00754 15-12-2014
Organization TIN No. 859016863576 25-01-2018
Organization Vat No. 001000071 29-01-2018

List of the Governing Body/Executive Committee of Award:

SL No.

Name of person



01 Mr. Sabir Ahmed: Chairman


02 Mrs. Runa Begum: Vice Chairman

Private Service

03 Mr. M A Halim Chowdhury: Treasurer

Private Service

04 Mr. Kazi Md. Abul Kalam Azad: Executive Director

Private Service

05 Mr.S.A. Hamid: Executive Member

Private Service

06 Mrs. Majeda Sultana: Executive Member

Private Service

07 Mr. Abdul Hai Montu : Executive Member



Staff Strength of Award:

Sl. No. Category of Staff / Officer


Female Staff

Total Staff


Head office Management Staff





Consultants and Expert





Technician Staff





Trainer and Resources Person





Support Staff





Field Staff / Project Staff
(including BLP Teachers)




Total =





Organizational Strength of Award:

  • Developed Polices-
  • Operational Manual
  • Accounts Manual
  • Human Recourse & Administrative Manual
  • Procurement Procedures / Policies
  • Gender Policy Manual
  • Peoples Organizational Manual (Group Formation)
  • Microcredit policy

Geographical Program/Project Operational Areas:

Sl. No

Name of District

Name of Upazillas

Sylhet 1.1- Companigonj,
1.2- Sylhet Sadar,
1.3- Zakigonj,
1.4- Kanaighat,
1.5- Golapgonj &
1.6- Balagonj.
Sunamgonj Chatak


List of Last five years Ongoing and Completed Project of Award:

Present Ongoing Program/Project

Sl. No.

Name of Project

Main Activities

Project Location


Award Micro Credit Program -AMC. A) Separate organization / association formation with poverty women and men.
B) Collection of savings.
C) Providing professional training.
D) 14.03% service charge is payable..
E) 6% dividend payable on collections.
F) Recovery of loans through 46 weekly installments.
G) Savings & credit support
H) Human resource dev. training.
I)  Nursery development.
J)  Peoples Theatre.
Companigonj Revolving Loan Fund.


Education Program:

a) Providing Non Formal Primary Education
b) School supervision
c) Conduct teachers refreshers
d) Conduct monthly parents meeting
e) Improving co- curriculum activities
f) Liaison with Govt. Officials
g) Documentation & Reporting

Companigonj & Chatak. BRAC


Basic Literacy Project Basic Literacy Project (BLP) would cover basic literacy skills to enable learners to acquire how to learn.  Essential skills of reading, writing and calculation as determined in the national adult literacy curriculum. The literacy course would have to be integrated with life skills to suit the learning needs of the adults and adolescents. Self-learning levels of literacy skills as set in the national adult literacy curriculum would be target. Zakigonj Govt. (BNFE)


  1. Awareness development.
  2. Motivation on health & hygiene
  3. Tube – well sinking.
  4. Arsenic test.
  5. Ring latrine supply.


Parua & Mayarbazar NGO Forum for Public Health


Maternity allowance for the poor mother. **Reduce death of mother and children by awareness rising with support health center.
**Aware about mother milk and provide training.
**Aware to pregnancy mother and family member to intake high protein in pregnancy period.
**Assist by the health center about Anti natal and post natal support.
**Aware to receive EPI and family planning.
Kanaighat Govt. (Ministry of Women & Children Affairs)


Integrated Vegetable Cultivation Homestead Gardening- IVCHG
  1. Farmer selection
  2. Skill development training.
  3. Demonstration plot preparation.
  4. Field days observation.
  5. Marketing link
 Companigonj & Kanaighat Organization own fund


Tribal Women Development
  1. Grass root organization formation.
  2. Savings collection
  3. Motivate on using Kumortat.
  4. Marketing linkage
  5. Credit Support.
Mayarbazar Companigonj Revolving Loan fund


Goat Rearing
  1. Survey
  2. poorest female selection from the group member
  3. Provide training
  4. Purchase and handover goats.


Parua Companigonj Bangladesh Ngo Fundation


Empowering Communities through Business for Peace A) FGD-Analysis & find out the root causes of the political and social unrest.
B) Key Informant Interview (KII) for find out root causes of the political and social unrest.
C) Validation workshop (to analysis the causes for social unrest being find out by the FGD/KII & finally point out the root causes).
D) Forward to donor for making project activity plan.
F) Information dissemination through seminar.
G) FGD with leading stakeholders of all walks of society.
H) Analysis and validity of data received from FGD through Validation Meeting.
I) Collect and supply information about local and national equivalent projects.
J) Associate the leading people of all levels of social, political and administrative issues in the peace establishment program.
K) Collect and serve information through Peace Information Center.
Sylhet City Corporation SAFERWORLD- UK


Completed Project:

Sl. No.

Name of Project

Main Activities

Project Location


1 SMAPR – Social Mobilization for Access to Public Resources ** Philosophy  of the project  was poverty elevation through people`s  organization formation and  mobilization for ensure  access of the poor people to public resources like kashland( govt .recorded  land)

** Major activities was  of the project :

    • Survey
    • Group formation
    • Awareness & Leadership Development
    • Issue based monthly meeting.
    • Income generation activities.
Companigonj PROSHIKA
2 PFRAA  -, Post Flood Rehabilitation  Assistance
    • Philosophy  of the project  was ensure survival  of the extreme poor  people
    • Survey
    • Relief  distribution
Parua & Mayarbazar PROSHIKA
3 Primary Health Care
  • promotion of proper nutrition
  • Provision of an adequate supply of safe water
  • Provision of basic sanitation
  • Awareness training
  • Maternal and child care including family planning.
Sylhet Sadar, Companigonj CDS (Centre for Development Study)


  • Survey / Risky area finding.
  • Identification,
  • Preventive Education



5 Education on online communication development college/school students including teachers. Providing basic ideas for computer management-

  • Computer on-off
  • Use the mouse
  • Open and create files
  • Create files and folders

MS Word Exercise  –

  • Type and Editing
  •  Editing and formatting
  •  Spell check and tables
  • Columns and indenting
  • Bullets and clip art
  • Inserting Image

Introduction of Internet:

  • What is internet & how to use it
  • How to Browse in web
  • How to use online dictionary
  • What is E-mail & how make an account & communicate with others.
Companigonj,Sylhet Sadar WISHNCLICK- UK
6 Primary School Students and their Parents Sight Scan (PSS-PSS)
  • Patient selection
  • Free sight scans and supply medicine,
  • Cataract Operation
  • Provide prescription and advice.
  • Follow-up


Parua Companigonj Bangladesh NGO Foundation
8 Improving the quality of girl’s education through capacity building training in Madrasha’s in Sylhet. Main goal of the project is to develop the quality of girls’ education in madrasas in Bangladesh.

  • Develop communicative skills in English among madrassah teachers and girls.
  • Women empowerment.
  • Developing thinking power logically both for community leaders and students.
  • To help them to be involved into any earning generating event to be self-confident.
  • Help them to be aware of affecting aspects that is related to climate changing.
  • Put a strong and permanent affect on the community leaders and government officials so that beyond this session they can be inspired to arrange such type of movement towards other institutes for a sustainable better changing.
  • Growing the sense of leadership.
  • To encourage them to hold entrepreneurship.
  • Improving quality education in the madrasha.
Sylhet Sadar,Dakhin Surma, Golapgonj, Balagonj



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