RESOURCE mobilisation

NAHAB will work with its members to raise fund collectively for the humanitarian action. NAHAB will work with international and national stakeholders to mobilize resources for sustain as an alliance to continue technical support to its members.

Working closely with GOVERNMENT

NAHAB will create space for alliance member to work closely with government at local and national level through buy in NAHAB as a platform center of excellence of the national/local humanitarian actors by the government. Community supplement and complimentary partnership

ADVOCACY at all levels

NAHAB will advocate collectively for effective and efficient humanitarian policy formation, review and action at local, national and international level. NAHAB will facilitate advocacy activities through meetings, information sharing, policy discussions, analysis of key trends and issues, publications, and coordinated campaigns. These activities will be conducted at the national and international levels, and will include alliance members, international (INGOs), donors, partners, and other coordinating bodies. As a coordinating body, NAHAB will represent the interests of its members in all of its work, retaining a global perspective that is relevant at a local level.

NETWORKING among humanitarian actors

NAHAB will facilitate and support for building networking between community, alliance member and local, national and international humanitarian actors in vertically and horizontally.

Fostering better COORDINATION

NAHAB will facilitate coordination mechanisms among the national/local humanitarian actors. NAHAB’s role is not to duplicate Government or OCHA’s humanitarian clusters that already exist. Instead, NAHAB will coordinate national/local actor’s voice in other existing forum.

STRENGTHENING CAPACITY for humanitarian actors

NAHAB as an alliance will initiate & support in developing capacity of the national/local actors for effective engagement & contribution to humanitarian action. NAHAB will work towards increasing the capacity of its member to participate in the planning, co-ordination and delivery of humanitarian program. NAHAB will invest in capacitating alliance workforce to build the skills and resources that needed to support its member.

Information & KNOWLEDGE management

NAHAB will available all information and knowledge product related to humanitarian action for the alliance members. NAHAB will collect, analyze, store, and disseminate relevant information to its members. The website, electronic communication and meetings will be the primary methods for disseminating this information. NAHAB will also support for collecting and disseminating national and international research and leaning on the humanitarian activities.