Goal and objectives

The goal of the alliance is to encourage and support national/local non-governmental, national humanitarian organizations, partners and other relevant actors to uphold their voice, representation and commitment to invest for faster, needful and effective humanitarian actions in Bangladesh.

The alliance will function to achieve following objectives.

  1. Create a common space for Humanitarian actors to share information, experiences, and research findings.
  2. Provide an outlet for humanitarian actors to get easy access to information and knowledge products on humanitarian aspect.
  3. Advocate for collaboration among the humanitarian actors (GO, NGO, Private sector) at the management and implementation level on humanitarian interventions.
  4. Undertake advocacy for having appropriate policies and revision of policies for reflecting emerging issues and context.
  5. Raise the voice of local and national humanitarian actors at national level on relevant humanitarian issues and actual community needs.
  6. Advocacy for engagement of L/NNGOs to play an active role in the national humanitarian and disaster management architecture including district and local level disaster management structures.
  7. Advocacy for improved coordination at district and local levels in preparedness, response and recovery mechanism.
  8. Promoting development of consortium of L/NNGOs for accessing resources allocated for humanitarian actions at national and international level.
  9. Work with government and other organizations, institutions and agencies to address humanitarian agenda in disasters and in emergency.