Mahideb Jubo Somaj Kallayan Somity (MJSKS) 1972

About the organization: 

Mahideb Jubo Somaj Kallayan Somity (MJSKS) is a non-Government, non-political and non-profitable organization. It has been working with the most vulnerable people from the very beginning. Since inception, MJSKS has been serving for the disadvantaged, distressed, disable and extreme poor, especially focus on the char and attached chars dwellers (men, women, children and adolescents) in different locations of Kurigramand Rangpur district through multidimensional program initiatives.

MJSKS isawarded by the Ministry of woman affairs and UNFPA for good practice on domestic violence and gender equity and another award received from ManusherJonno Foundation as anoutstanding organization on financial compliance. MJSKS is appreciated from donor/partner on its transparencyand accountability.

MJSKS carries out multidimensional program-initiatives in five thematic areas:
a) Livelihood/Agriculture, b) Empowerment, c) Health and Nutrition d) Governance and e) Humanitarian Assistance and climate change adaptation.

Geographical coverage of the organization.


Upazilla (Sub-district)

 Kurigram  Ulipur,KurigramSadar,Rajarhat, Chilmari,Nageshwari,Bhurangamari,Rajibpur,Phulbari
 Rangpur  Taragang



To uplift the socio economic condition of the vulnerable community.


  • To assist the vulnerable community for their development through education ,training, social awareness, gender and development.
  • To protect social insecurity for women/ children through motivation.
  • To ensuring governance for quality education.
  • To ensuring water supply, environmental sanitation & hygiene promotion
  • To ensure IGA  like fish culture, agriculture livestock etc. support to community for their livelihood
  • To provide humanitarian support for restoring damage and livelihood.
  • To develop linkage with various type of service providers.
  • To form community based organization (CBO) to mitigate their community interest

Core values

MJSKS always strictly follows bellow principle and values to implements its any action in field and office level for ensuring image of the organization.
a)            Quality- driven and Professional
b)            Humanitarian and developmental
c)            Effective, efficient, and economical
d)            Transparent and accountable
e)            People led and impact focused
f)             Attention to high risk poverty


MJSKS believes and implements all activities in transparency, accountability and participatory way and it has been driving on three type of tires; a) General committee and b) Executive committee and c) Senior management committee.

General Committee:
General committee seat together at least one time within a year and they formed executive committee as well as approve whole things of MJSKS.

Executive Committee:
The executive committee members are form by the general committee through annual general meeting. Executive committee approves all policies and procedures on monthly basis and look over the quality implementation and expenditure.

Senior management:
As per MJSKS guideline this committee formed by the director of MJSKS with all Project Managers and senior core staff of MJSKS and he is the convener of this committee. All monthly progress of the ongoing projects and field findings sharing and as well as take corrective measures in this meeting on quarterly basis for quality implementation.

Policy and guidelines:
MJSKS has its own updated policy and guideline and operating it according to the policy like-HR policy, Financial policy, gender  policy, Zero tolerance policy, 5 years strategic plan.

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