Membership is to be offered as per following criteria

  • Any Bangladeshi local or national organization, institution, agency, trust, foundation contributing to faster and needful humanitarian actions will be eligible to apply for membership of NAHAB. An applicant must fulfill the following specific criteria based on the membership category related to humanitarian actions in Bangladesh. No individuals can apply for its membership.

Categories of Membership

  • General Member:
  • Originated in Bangladesh and operating as National or Local organizations under the regulation set by the Executive Board of NAHAB.
  • Registered with NGO Affairs Bureau of Bangladesh or Department of Social Services or Registrar of the Joint Stock Companies and Firm or Department of Women Affairs.
  • Having documentary evidence of managing any humanitarian preparedness, response, recovery activities, at least two within last ten years one of which should be within last five years.

Affiliate Member

  • Forum, Network, Trust, Foundation operating in Bangladesh at National or Local levels under the regulation set by the Government of Bangladesh.
  • Having commitment to engage in humanitarian actions and documentary evidence of humanitarian actions.
  • Representative from any network, consortium, forum concerned with humanitarian actions should have clear decision from their own executive body to be an Affiliate Member of NAHAB


Membership Approval Process

  • The Executive Board will review all membership applications and take decision regarding all membership and the fulfillment of eligibility for different categories of membership. Executive Board may invite potential organizations to join as Affiliate Member of NAHAB.
  • The membership at NAHAB will be approved by the Executive Board from the central secretariat and it will be conferred. Once the membership is given in one district, no separate membership registration will be required at other districts for their works in those districts. In case of the organization having implementation in multiple districts, the membership would be conferred from the district where the organization has been registered and its head office is located.


Membership Fee

  • Annual membership fee for General member of NAHAB will be tk 1000 per year.
  • Voting Rights:
  • Only General Members will have voting rights in meetings of NAHAB.

Membership obligations:

  • Attend and participate in network meetings in various forums/events organized by NAHAB central level Executive Board and Divisional Committees.
  • Represent NAHAB at local level and build close relation with other humanitarian actors.
  • Advocate for the alliance and seek to enroll potential new members,
  • Participate in Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Extra-Ordinary General Meeting (EGM) called by the Executive Board,
  • Implement program/activity set by NAHAB
  • Maintain liaison with the network secretariat and act as an active NAHAB representative when required by the alliance.
  • Provide support for organization of local level advocacy, communication and promotional activities by the alliance.
  • Provide information and share resource materials as and when needed
  • Support the sustainability of the network either through funding or providing voluntary assistance
  • Regular payment of Annual Membership fee.


 Termination of membership

  • Inability to continue work on humanitarian issues for a long period of time as determined by the Executive Board, non-participation in three consecutive general meetings or act against the interest of the Organization will lead to discontinuation of membership where the decision of the Executive Board shall be final.

In case of nonpayment of membership fee for 3 (three) consecutive year will automatically terminate the membership